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We form a team with each expert and mainly provide the following tasks.

Improving the quality and accuracy of medical services.

Early detection of cancer by screening has a great influence on the subsequent therapy. The key is to be able to provide appropriate therapy for the cancers found.

Service content

  • (1)Holding expert seminars and workshops on cancer radiotherapy and facility development.
  • (2)Kick-off meeting launch and personnel selection support.
  • (3)Support for proposals of equipment design study documents and facility operation specifications.
  • (4)Team formation support for each business.
    1. Equipment, building / layout, utility equipment design, medical cloud, heat source, environmental infrastructure.
    2. Radiation Hazard Prevention Law, RI Regulation Law, Shielding Calculation, Administrative Application Procedures.
  • (5)Professional staffing plan and training (OJT) program.
    Radiation oncologist, medical physicist, radiological technologist, treatment planning technician, dosimeter technician, irradiation system control technician, accelerator operation and maintenance technician, radiation manager, mechanic technician, nurse, etc.
  • (6)Providing information on financing and public relations activities.


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